Showing tags

Dear All

Possibly a silly question from a semi-newbie to dtPro. I am beginning to use tags quite extensively but am finding that my assigned tags are only showing on one line at the bottom of my note window. They are not being wrapped onto a new line so many of them are hidden from view unless I expand the window to full screen size. I am using a 15inch Macbook Pro and am not sure whether this is a hardware limitation or a glitch within dtPro. Is there anyway that I can make all the tags on a note visible?

Any help much appreciated.

If you click into the tags bar (bottom of the preview in three-pane view, for example) you can use the arrow keys to scroll right and left through the list of tags. Or, you can open Tools > Show Info and click into the Tags section and use the arrow keys to scroll up and down. Both of these are not the best, but that’s what’s currently available.

Many thanks for the reply - much appreciated