Side panel to view all annotations hyperlinked to a file

I am using the Annotation Pane script and find the function it provides so worthy that I hope it to be conveniently integrated in a future version of DT.

Some kind of side panel could show next to the annotated file both the source texts and the user’s notes hyperlinked to each of the file’s pages. Something similar to what is shown in this video. There source text is called retrieved segments and the user’s notes are viewable with an additional click next to each of the source texts -it would be much better to show both straight away, and not to waste screen space with a second column just for title and tags. And, as this script does, in DT the annotations would remain separate rtf files.

Hello jmm,

It doesn’t provide all the functionality you want but the script here ([url]Document Review Pane] will show you the document’s metadata and a comment summary of other annotations to the source document sorted by page.

It is also possible to send all the information and links off to a spreadsheet. It’s not quite as friendly but does provide an alternative way to view and sort documents by metadata (including annotations).

As an idea for the future I particularly like the way tagnotate shows text of highlighted tags as an extract of a pdf page.


Thanks, Frederiko. I’ve installed Review Pane and will comment on it in its page in this forum.

As for TagNotate, I’ve had a look at the screenshots. It has a polished interface, it seems to be user friendly, and its price is amazing.

I cannot gather though if clicking in each extracted annotation in the list, will show the pdf at the page where it belongs. Ideally, the referenced pdfs will easily show in a panel to the right or left to the extracted annotations. This is an essential feature to make sure I see the context and quote well when writing. Your own Annotation Pane makes this possible.