Sidebar Addition "Recent Groups"

In the sidebar, we currently have the choice of

Global inbox
Trash can
Open databases
Recent databases
Smart groups

I use the Favorites feature a lot. I wonder if it would be possible (and generally beneficial) to add a degree of automation to Favorites by creating another sidebar category called “Recent Groups”. The logic being that if I’m doing some work between folders that are not commonly used (not “Favorites” material) they would appear as “temporary” favorites simply by my having used them. I would suggest that a folder is made “recent” either by opening it (viewing), adding a file to it, or removing a file from it. Clicking on an entry in “Recent Groups” would do exactly what clicking on a “Favorite” does today. For my work, if I could see the last 6 folders used it would be fine. Maybe that could be settable in options for more general application. Also, it would be fine for me if “recent folders” was cleared on application startup, but this too might be an option.

Gary (secretly hoping you’ll tell me DT already does this somehow)

What about a Smart Group like this…
Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 11.13.15 PM.png

I have been trying to set this up as suggested but can not work out how to get the “Any” operative that appears after the “Kind” in your example. In my DEVONthink Pro Office there does not appear to be an “Any” option!

Hold the Option key and the plus will change to an ellipsis to create subcriteria.

Ahh! Thank you, (as usual wonderful response) :smiley:

Yes. Thank you!

My record remains unblemished. Every feature I’ve ever requested can already be done by DTPO. :slight_smile:


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And what other app can you say that for? But then I am a self-confessed DEVONthink Groupie!

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Glad to help. I have over 15,000 working hours in DTPO and I still find things that make me say, “Wow! I didn’t know it did that too!” :smiley:

OK, I have tested the


criteria in the example you gave, and they all seem to work as I would expect. “Opened” does not. Perhaps I don’t understand the meaning of “open” as relates to groups. Using the “As three panes” view, I click on a database in the side bar and get a list of groups in the left most pane. Using the disclosure triangles, I expose lists of groups. When I find the one I want, I click the group name, and a list of the contained files appears in upper right pane. I would say I have “opened” that group when I do that, however, that group name does not appear in my smart group list. Even if I select one of the files in that group, such that it is displayed in the preview pane in the bottom right, the group is not added to my smart group. It looks like I need some coaching.