I know it’s incomplete but I’m wondering why the Recent Databases have the dtbase extension and the Open databases don’t (I like the shorter myself).

I also did an experiment where I quit DT and changed the name of a database to be shorter. Opening DT I still saw the old name in the Recent column and doubling clicking on it made the old name come up in the Open column! There doesn’t seem to be a way to flush the old name. Additionally, in the Finder there was all of a sudden a 4.7kb document with the old name. Deleting this had no effect on what was displayed in DT. Emptying the cache does not work like I thought it might in this case.

It would also be nice to right-click on an open db and choose to close it instead of going through the menu.

Yeah, I grumbled about that during the private beta testing:

but any space-wasting .dtBase2 extensions under RECENT DATABASES should be nixed

In general, I want all extensions hidden by default and only temporarily displayed if there’s some reason to. It’s a shame OS X uses 'em but there’s no choice but to accept them and their inelegance (begrudgingly).

So is there a way to flush the recent db list? I can still click on the db that doesn’t exist and it opens as an empty db. Is this the new “spiritual” sidebar? :smiley:

File > Open Recent > Clear Menu will immediately clear recent items from both the main menu and sidebar.

Creating a new empty database when trying to open one that can’t be accessed (e.g. because it was deleted) seems like a bug or at least an undesirable behavior. Also, it could be a bug that they’re not being removed from the Open Recent menu and Sidebar.