Sierra Tabs in DT!

I’m not sure how this happened, but suddenly I have Sierra tabs in DT. I must have hit some key that activated this undocumented (and apparently unsupported) feature. After playing around with it for a bit, I’ve concluded that Sierra tabs and DT is a match made in Heaven. It’s hugely beneficial in that it allows you to have multiple views of your database open simultaneously, all within the same window. It’s far superior to DT’s native tabs feature, which is poorly implemented and confusing. There are several threads in this forum discussing the problems with DT’s native tabs.

The difference between DT’s native tabs and Sierra tabs is that a Sierra tab is essentially an entirely separate and independent DT window, encapsulated within the Sierra tab interface. Thus, you can have multiple databases open, or the same database open in multiple tabs, each displaying a different location within the database hierarchy. In my opinion, this is far more powerful and flexible than DT’s native tab feature, which opens tabs within the document pane and all tabs share the same main database view. It’s also a lot better than DT’s standard behavior of opening an entirely separate window for each database view. Imagine, in this day and age, using a web browser that doesn’t support tabs and opens each web page in its own window. You’d up with a mess of windows, which you’d have to manage from the dock icon or the Windows menu.

I’m wondering (hoping), the developers will consider officially supporting Sierra tabs within DT. At this point, it works very well, though I have no idea how I activated it and I’m afraid to close DT, for fear of losing it. The only thing it needs now are the menu options to manage tabs, merge windows, etc… and a “New Tab” function. These are normally available by default in third party applications, except for applications that do their own window management, which I guess DT does. By the way, adding support for Sierra tabs would not conflict with DT’s native tabs. The native tabs may still be useful to some people, but for my purposes, the Sierra tabs are a lot more useful.

Please post a screencapture of what you’re seeing. Thanks


Uhm - please figure this out, and share!! :laughing:

[EDIT:] Got it working. Nice!! It friggin’ double stacks all the open tabs! :smiley:

A couple of things >> I think that “Preferences>>Dock>>Prefer tabs when opening documents” needs to be set to “Always”, for this to work. At least, that’s what I changed, for it to start happening.

Yes, you’re right! Now I remember playing around with my dock settings the other day and changing this setting. Once enabled, all DT windows automatically become tabs. It’s spectacular!

Interesting. Thanks, Cassady for the extra legwork.

My pleasure!

Only thing missing is the keyboard shortcut commands to switch tabs! :wink:

thanks for this great hint! this is how tabs should behave in devonthink … just reactivate the menu items and add the keyboard shortcuts to open a group or file in a new tab and to switch and close tabs … +1 for making this hack a feature!

I fear I am being a bit thick, but which preferences are you referring to?
I can’t see a sub-menu called dock in DT references


System Preferences > Dock > Prefer Tabs when opening documents

Very pleased to be answering my own question - the shortcut to switch tabs appears to have been here all along:

CMD+Shift+[ CMD+Shift+] moves one backwards and forwards through the open tabs!

I have coupled the above to BTT, to mimic my trackpad action that jumps through tabs in Safari. Very useful! 8)

Now I just need to ‘un-learn’ my habit of closing the window when I’m done reading a file… Before, this used to close that single file/window - now with tabs, I end up accidentally closing a dozen files…

Fortunately, Workspaces to the rescue! :laughing: