Sign out/sign in to WSJ to capture articles

Long story short I switched accounts that I use to capture articles from WSJ. It worked perfectly in the past. Now when I try to capture something I get a message at the bottom of the incomplete webclip saying “We’re glad to have you back, please click here to reactivate your account.”

So DT3 seems to be holding my old login credentials somewhere. I tried clearing the cache but that didn’t help.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance

Did you enable Preferences > Web > Delete cookies on quit?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that…yes, I tried that, too.

How exactly do you capture the pages?

I use the Chrome web clipper and I choose web archive with the clutter-free option. This worked perfectly until I changed which login I use with the WSJ.

Thanks for your help.

Especially the clutter-free option does not always support pages requiring a login (as the used background process and server can’t log-in for you). Does it work without this option?

No, no matter which option I pick (I even chose formatted note, etc.) same result.

Before I changed my WSJ login, it worked fine - with all the various options.

A couple of times when I clip an article and then go into DT, I will see the “Login to read the rest of the article” option - I do, but it doesn’t work the next time I try to clip, it still reverts back to “Do you want to re-activate your subscription?”

Thank you for your help.

The best option for such pages is to either print them as PDF to DEVONthink, to save a web archive from Safari to DEVONthink’s inbox or to capture the page while browsing inside DEVONthink.

Thank you! That’s a great suggestion.

I appreciate you taking the time.