Silent clip and share

Is it possible to realize clip/share silently in backgound? When I use reeder/chrome, I always have to click add button after I share the content to DT.

What exactly do you share? A screenshot would be useful.

Imports like this are controlled by DEVONthink’s Preferences > Import > Destination. Set it to Global Inbox and it will be quiet.

For example, when I read an item in reeder, I can type “cmd-D” to import the item to devonthink. However, a window appears and ask me to press “OK”. So I have to, somehow, swipe my finger to move to the button. Similar situations happen to chrome and so on. It’s really annoying.

I do as your suggestion but the clip window appears again. Actually there’s nothing to do but click OK.

Are ou referring to the Sorter in the menubar or at the top of your screen?
If so, Command-S saves the file in the selected location.

Thanks! Exaclty what I want!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: