Silent MP3 Playback


As a student and scientist I am very interested in using Devon Agent and Devon Think to improve my productivity, as I use computers very frequently with my work.

As part of my course I record most of my lectures using an mp3 player and then use the recordings to allow me to produce a concise set of notes and make sure that I did not miss any important information.

It would be very useful to store these Mp3 files directly with the notes, but when I drag the mp3 files into the Devon Think program and try to play them, no audio output commences even though the progress indicator moves across the screen.

Am I doing anything wrong or is this a bug with the current version of Devon Think pro?




Create a new rich text document. From the Finder, drag your MP3 file onto that page at the cursor.

Move the cursor to the right of the file icon, press Return a couple of time.

Start the play of the MP3 file and start typing. Works for me.

If you are typing lots of text, either grab the player icon and drag it down further on the page, or create another text window to the right of the window in which you are typing and drag the player icon to it, so that you can always access the controls.

Bill, a question. Is there a way to have the mp3 file show up with the player controls within the file once you leave it and come back? I know you can do this with a movie file by making it an alias. When I drag a movie file to an rtf file, the program asks me if I want to make an alias or copy it. I say ‘alias’ and everything works fine. I have an rtf file that lets me play the movie within it.

Is it possible to do this with mp3 files? I find that once I leave the file and come back, I have an icon and have to double click on it, which opens iTunes, and play it there. DT doesn’t offer me the option of making the mp3 file an alias as it does with movie files, at least not that I’ve found. I also didn’t find anything in the tutorial. Doesn’t mean it’s not there, of course, just that I didn’t find it!

Does this make sense? I am trying to create archives of snippets of a friend’s music and want to be able to play those snippets within the rtf file I’m creating, without having to resort to iTunes.




It’s true that the player controls are not available after saving the file to which MP3 files have been dragged.

But there’s a neat and perhaps curious workaround that lets you accomplish what you want to do.

Just open the DT/DT Pro document in TextEdit. There are the controls! Enjoy.

Ah, many thanks. That works! Curious, yes. And requiring an extra step. But, it’s not such a huge step, so I can certainly live with it. :smiley:

Many thanks once again Bill!!