Simple Backup Proceedure

Sorry if this is repetition, but I have read the DT ebook, read the help file and looked on the forum for a simple to understand methodology of backing up. I’m still unsure…

  1. I have 3 databases in documents ending .dtBase2. Are these the documents ?
  2. Can’t find the DTPO metafile database, when I use Backup and optimise - it just does something with something somewhere I can’t find or choose. Its not in the application folder and its not in library.aplication support. So what is being backed up and how can I choose its location ?
  3. Export database archive seems a way to back up to another drive the .dtBase2 files but how do i also do the structure files at the same time ?
    So what do I need to back up, where is it and how do I get it onto another drive
    Obviously I have dug out some of it but still pretty confused.
    As this seems so basic a task in this brilliant program it seems strange that it is so non intuitive and simple to back up all the bits.
    There again it might be me blindly starring into the obvious…

@roger4bax, the .dtBase2 database package contains the metadata and the original documents. control-click any .dtBase2 package in finder and Show Package Contents. For example, here’s what my Inbox.dtBase2 package looks like:

When you run Backup and Optimize, the metadata state at that time is stored in the database package in a “Backup” folder. This enables quick restoration if there is corruption (don’t try this at home :wink: - if there’s a corruption problem it’s best to have Support walk you through the restoration process).

If you want a backup of the whole package, then use Time Machine or your favorite backup solution and make a copy of the entire .dtBase2 package.

thanks korm
thats cleared it up very nicely
if anyone at devonthink is reading this
please put this explanation in your help file

if its in there already it passed me by
and if ones investing a lot of energy to populate the program
backups are essential

one minor point
on a mac it is control click to open the package

thanks again for the speedy and clear response :smiley: :wink:

Oops … I knew that :unamused: … Fixed it, above