Simple Import Folder Action -- Need Help

Hi Folks – so I imagine there’s any easy way to do this, but I’m making it difficult.

What I would like to do is have a Devonthink Inbox folder that I have created on my OneDrive (and shared with my secretary) automatically import to my Devonthink Global Inbox. To do this, on my home Desktop, which I keep on 24x7, I have placed a Folder Action to Import, OCR, and Delete the file. I also have DevonThink on my home desktop syncing through iCloud to my laptop. In order not to have two copies of DevonThink open at any given time, I am running the “Quitter” app on my home desktop so that it automatically quits DevonThink after a few minutes of inactivity.

This seems awfully kludgey, however. Is there a method to have DevonThink on my home Desktop import, OCR, and delete the file in the folder, and then automatically quit without having to run Quitter as a separate app? I live in fear that at some point I’ll accidentally have both copies of DevonThink open at the same time and screw up my database.

Or perhaps is there a better all-around method to automatically import any files that go into the shared DevonThink Inbox folder?

Thanks for any tips/advice!

You could customize the folder action script, the code…

tell application id "DNtp" to quit

…will terminate it.

This is usually unnecessary. The worst thing that could happen is that changes on both machines collide (e.g. a document edited on both machines before synchronizing). The option to duplicate documents in this case (see Preferences > Sync) might be useful.

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Thank you!