Simple question about indexed folders

I have a few indexed folders in my database. If I move those folders to another location in the file system (i.e. using Finder) will DT be ok with that?

No, the link will be broken. There are multiple ways to overcome this, and this is my method.

  1. Create new folders (to replace the ones you have indexed currently) in the Finder where you want them
  2. Index the new folders
  3. Working one by one, in DEVONthink select all the documents in each folder and right-click, select Move into database
  4. Move all the now imported documents into their new, respective indexed folders and they will be automatically moved back out to the new locations in the Finder.

Once you have confirmed in the Finder that the folders are empty, you can delete the old, empty indexed folders from the database and empty the trash.


Thank you for the steps.

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