simple search not returning results

I’m using DT Pro (utd) and have just noticed something odd. I’m doing a simple search for a word that is in the name of a document in a database and the search isn’t finding the document. This seems so simple that I’m prepared for this to be massive user error. I can see the file right there in the list when I manually scroll to see it but search isn’t returning it. I thought maybe it was an OCR problem since the file itself is a PDF+text but the word I’m looking for is in the name of the document. After a little bit of mucking around it looks as if this entire file is invisible to the search - I can’t produce a hit searching for exact strings that would be native to this document only. Any thoughts?

Please send a description of the issue to Support, and attach the PDF.

There are a number of “flavors” of PDF and it would be useful to take a look at this one.