Simple search within a document?

If I want tor search for a string within a document, I can’t just click inside the document (in the viewing pane) and do a search.

If I double-click on the document (in the document list) it opens it in DevonThink, not Preview, so again, I can’t do a simple Command-F find.

What I have to do is select the document and right-click to get “Open with”, then select Preview.

Am I wrong, or is there a simpler way to do a Command-F inside a PDF or text file in DTPO?

Why don’t you just select the PDF in the document list in DEVONthink and use ⌘F? Works fine over here.

I now see that in RTFs that works fine. I can select the document, hit Command-F and it will find the first example, then every time I hit “Next”, the document will scale down to show me the next find.

BUT … in a PDF, the document does not scroll down. I see now that it was finding the search strings, but the document not scrolling down to show me where it had found them (as it does with RTFs). That’s why I thought it hadn’t found them.

So my newly revised question is: is there a way to get PDFs to scroll automatically to show me where it finds a search string?

Are you running macOS 10.12 Sierra?

Yes - latest DTPO, latest OS

There are currently several unforeseen issues caused by fundamental changes Apple introduced in Sierra. We are working on a maintenance release for Sierra now. Thanks for your patience.​

(Note: This has been widely discussed on the forums. Don’t forget to search or check the unread posts here. :smiley: )