Simple template needed that applies Apple style

I’m consistently using one font family and one font size for all my work texts. That makes exchange between applications very easy as no re-formatting is needed.

The font I use is a beautiful OpenType font that has oldstyle figures as an option.

Sadly, the Apple TextEngine and therefore all programs using it can not save typography options like oldstyle figures in the default style that you get whenever you open a new editor window.

But these options are saved in customized styles.

That means every time I create a new rtf note I first have to apply the style of my choice. I have set a keyboard shortcut to it so it is nothing that kills me …

… but since DEVONthink is scriptable I am thinking of a template that does it for me.

The template should do no more than

a) open a new rtf note,

b) place the cursor in the note, and

c) apply the Apple style “myStyle” to that note OR unleash the keyboard shortcut to apply that style. Whatever is easier.

Not much but beyond my not even basic AppleScript knowledge. So a little help by anyone in the forum would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Did you try to…

  1. Create a rich text document
  2. Enter some dummy text and apply your style to it
  3. Export it as a template via File > Export > As Template…

Afterwards it’s accessible via Data > New from Template > …

Thank you for your immediate reply, Christian, and sorry for my ridiculously late answer.

The workaround you suggested is exactly what I had been doing anyway. But I want a little more (insatiable customer, sigh …).

I’ll start a new threat about this and more note taking related issues over in the Requests & Suggetions sub-forum where it does fit in.