Simple use case: Outlook 2011 - DT does not archive SENT mai

Evaluating DT for archival of Outlook 2011 mail I was puzzled why I couldn’t find any way to get the SENT folder to be imported when you do “Import>Email” from DT.

The Drafts and Deleted folders ARE imported but NOT the SENT?!

There is a setting to import conversations which apparently will import emails from the sent folder that are connected to emails in the Inbox but that won’t catch emails that have been sent which are NOT part of conversations.

Seems very strange to me, if DT doesn’t support easy importing of SENT messages, unfortunately I will not be purchasing a license!

Best wishes


I see no comment from DT support - is that poor communication or just ignoring the (potential) customer?

If that’s the level of support we can expect, I’ll pass!

Thank you


Have you tried contacting them through the Support Ticket System?

I tried to log a support ticket using that link but received no confirmation email and no other response.

Not looking good I’m afraid!


You could try sending a PM directly to Bill, Christian, or Eric.