simple Web site export question

I love this idea of Web site export from devonthink but have a questions.

What do I do with the resulting export?

For instance, I export my recipes folder to the desktop and end up with a “css” file and a folder with my converted recipes.

I can’t open either of these with a web browser.

What I want to do is open the recipes in a browser from a thumb drive on another computer.
probably not completely a devonthink question but any help would be great.

The folder does not contain valid HTML files?

Your workflow should consist of:

  1. File Menu -> Export -> as Website… on the thumbdrive.
  2. Eject thumbdrive from Mac and insert into another machine.
  3. View files on other machine by double-clicking HTML files.

That’s it. If the Website Export is not creating valid HTML files, then that’s a big problem. But I’ve never seen DEVONthink do that (granted, I’ve only done it a couple times).

Ok, I think my expectations were a little high. I was expecting to select the recipe folder and export to Website And get an index file of everything in the folder. I guess it is a little ridiculous to expect such a thing to just happen.

So now my new approach is to create a RTF with a list of recipes and link them in devonthink and then export as Web site.

This also has problems though as some items in the exported Web site do not link properly. I get an error that Safari can not find file. While other items in the list work perfectly.

It may have to do with the type of file the recipe is stored in.

Thanks for the reply, BTW