Simultaneously enter comment data multiple files

Is there a way to simultaneously enter the same data into the comment field of multiple files? For example, I often clip separate instances of text related to the same topic. It would be very convenient if I could enter the same metadata into the comment field of each separate clipping in one fell swoop.

This thread contains a script to add a text to the comments of all selected items:

Thank you. I’d done a search, but hadn’t come up with this thread.


this script is of course helpful for the time being, but I would like to avoid scripts whenever possible.

So I suggest to implement direct modification of metadata of multiple selected records directly with DT commands in the future.

please please,


I’ve already seen this reqest in another thread :wink:

The Info panel is able to change currently only some data for multiple selected items, a future release will add support for comments (changing the name, aliases, path or URL of multiple items makes IMHO no sense).



Well — yes… :blush:


I’m glad to hear you don’t think it’s a bad idea to do this for Comments.

(I see why you think it doesn’t “make sense” for the other fields: you assume they’re uniquely associated with an item. As it happens, I was trying to enter the same URL for a group of documents, all of which related to the same website. But it’s not that important.)


I understand the particular use you would make of batch changing URL fields.

But it’s probably not a good idea to provide tools that are too likely to produce a sinking Oops! feeling, such as losing all the source URLs of a document collection from various Web pages.

If that’s the concern, it would be appropriate to offer a dialog box seeking confirmation when the user tries to change multiple existing items (as in iCal, for example).

This is a tiny thing. It’s nowhere near the top of my wish list.

I only suggested it because it seems like standard Mac UI behavior, and so I was mildly surprised when I tried to do the thing and wasn’t allowed to.

Pardon me for chuckling – inside joke. :slight_smile:

If all the versions I’ve heard of standard Mac UI behavior were implemented, no one would know what to expect.