since Leopard losing letters while copy text

since i have leopard something strange happens when i copy-past text from internet to devonthink and from devonthin into other prgs (mail etc.):

  • i lose letters (especially special letters or sign, but also the first letter of each sentence or each block)
  • when i paste the text often everytime i paste it it changes automatically the “mistakes” introducing new symbols or losing other letter.

can somebody help me? very important to me because the search function will not work naymore appropriately and i have to review and edit every text.

thanks in advance

There are issues related to the rich text handling of DEVONthink. Usage of plain texts, PDF documents or web archives is therefore recommended until v1.3.4 will be available (hopefully this or next week).

many thanks for the answer. practically: what do i have to change that copy/paste will work easy without rich text?

You could use the Take Plain Note service for example. Or create a new plain text first and then paste.