Single PDF from URL; DTPO vs DAP

Hi all,

I’ve been attempting to capture various pages on as a single PDF from within Safari. Using DTPO, the captures are always blank. Taking the same URL into DAP (DevonAgent Pro), the single PDF capture works as expected, 100% of the time.

Any idea what’s going on, and why DTPO can’t capture the PDF?


Could you post a sample URL that fails to work with DEVONthink Pro Office?


Try this URL: … june_lake/

This is not the one that I’ve been attempting to capture, but I’m having the same exact issue with it.

I assume we’re looking at the Disqus page, not the article about the fire.

Confirmed. I cannot clip the Disqus page as a non-blank PDF using the DEVONthink clipper when invoked from the Safari Share widget. (In fact, after clipping it as a PDF once, I cannot clip it as a PDF again – not sure what that’s about.) I can, however, clip as a bookmark, view that bookmarked page in DEVONthink, and then capture the viewed page as a single-page PDF from inside DEVONthink.

It’s a dynamic website that loads its contents after a small delay, Clip to DEVONthink captures the PDF before all contents are downloaded (the result is sometimes white, sometimes incomplete). The next maintenance release will improve the compatibility to such websites.

i can assist here with problematic pages - it’s bugging me for quiet a while: … irectoryde … e-overview

Both get not clipped correctly, neither from Safari nor from Chrome.

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The next release will handle these sites too.