Single window view like InfoSelect

I am a relatively new user of DTPO and love the program. I switched to a Mac about five years ago and have bounced around to different programs in that time (after Journlr stopped being updated).

Before switching to a Mac, I used InfoSelect for many years, and it was the program that I “lived” in. The more I use DT the more I discover the similarities between the two programs.

One thing I loved about InfoSelect was the ability to view all of my open databases with the corresponding groups under them in a single window. Each database would be flush left, with the subgroups indented underneath. This gave a complete overview of structure of my databases and made moving/copying much easier within a single window. It would also eliminate the database window on the left hand side when more screen space is needed.

Although just a single window, it would turn into a split screen when a file was selected with the file showing up on the right hand side.

I am not sure if this could be added as one of the views, but it would be a nice addition if it could.

That’s an interesting proposal for a view. Have you experimented with using the Groups & Tags panel (Tools > Show/Hide Groups & Tags)?

Not precisely what you’ve described, but the database-group list is there and the G&T panel can remain visible when other apps have the focus.


Thanks for the fantastic advice. That’s not exactly what I was going for, but I never knew that feature existed. I really could have used that a week ago as I was transferring files into DT :wink: as I had two windows open side by side.

But I started using the Groups and Tags today, and it works like a charm. Thanks again for the advice.