Single word search

Is there a way to search for docs that contain a single word, but not where the string is a part of a word?
All Docs that contain “confidential” - but not any that have the string “confidential” as part of another word (like confidentially or confidentiality)

I’ve tried using quotes and not using quotes; and tried " confidential " with force spaces; (Fuzzy is unchecked); any other ideas?


Turn Off Prefix While Typing as it applies a wildcard to the end of the search term.

thanks for your response BlueFrog
I’m using the Search window- so ‘Prefix While Typing’ not set (or even an option); In the Browser search, even turned off, still finds all instances of the string as part of a word.

any other suggestions ?

wondering if there is a way to AND a NOT ~[part of word] or similar;
seems like there must be a way to isolate a string as a complete word. Or force search to include space on either end, or similar–

Are you referring to PDFs?

I’m searching a huge group of files- but yes nearly all are PDFs

This is particular to PDF searching, as the framework treats the term as substrings in PDFs.

got it - thanks
suggestion for future feature?
perhaps allow quoted search string to explicitly include literal space:
" term "

or any other mechanism to accomplish same;
would be very helpful to overcome pdf sub-string treatment limitation

thanks again