Size Groups

Is there any way of making the groups a larger size. I have tried all the preference making text bigger etc. In the list of groups I would like the graphic of the folder to be bigger (like you can do with finder).

I am getting older on on my large iMac need bigger test.

Only the icons of icon views are currently resizable but we’ll consider this for upcoming releases.

this is the most frustrating thing possible, along with so many others. Get this icon sizing fixed already.

@stanblues999: I don’t know. I can think of a ton of things more frustating in life :mrgreen:

That is a very arrogant and naive reply. First off, you are selling an abstract object - DEvonthink-, and not a concept - you’re foolish anecdotal life anallogy. Secondly, I am posting a concern towarda an already existing feature, the sizing of icons in all other views besides icon view. Not only is it downright stupid not to adress this matter in a more professional way but it is stupid not to think of this feature being extremely important in every context and aspect of your program. Jut take a look of the size of these icons and make a valuable and fair judgement for yosuelf.
Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 11.58.49 PM.png

And the original poster clearly mentioned that the need for resizing is his apparent age. In essence you’ve told the guy that there are many things we want in life and one of them being …”younger”.

@stanblues999: We fully understand that very small icons can be a concern. I know this just too well as I need to hold my iPhone farther from me as I did a few years ago.

But, even if Jim got you on the wrong foot with his remark, please note that we would like to keep our tone in this forum friendly and a smile (or smirk) on our faces. Thank you.

As for the suggesion: Please understand that we have many things on our table at the moment and will consider this request when the time for it has come.

I think Jim’s remark was rather funny, anyway it made me smiled …

Rereading these posts and I’ve noticed my tone was beyond what I tried to get across. My apologies…Pure workflow frustrations and nothing personal. Christian you are actually doing an amazing job and always go beyond trying to answer and clarify all sorts of issues. I am human and I sometimes misrepresent my diagnosis…My bad all is good