Size limit to documents?

Is there a size limit to a document in DDTG? I had one in DTPO that was 10.9 MB which in DDTG didn’t open - I just got a screen that said “Document too large”. When I took an image out of the document, and shrunk it to 6.4 MB, it showed up fine in DTTG.

What’s the limit? Or is there a way I can increase it?

There is no singular document in DEVONthink To Go. It supports more than one type.
10MB is the limit for a formatted note, the likely type since you’ve been discussing Evernote imports.

I was looking for an answer to this problem. I have imported everything from Evernote and
Come over to the devontech side. My gosh, it’s SO much better.

I had a note that was around 30MB in size and was able to open and view it - until I tried to change a couple of typos. Once it saved, I could no longer even view it - getting the document too large error.

I jumped over to my iPad and could still see the note - until it all synced up and then had the document too large error there too.

I found a workaround was to enable DTTG as a provider in the Files app then find the note through the Files app - presto, I can view the note again!

Looking forward to this being sorted.

Welcome @donkey
Due to resource management with the editor framework we use, the limit is 10MB for formatted notes in DEVONthink To Go.

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