Size Limitations for DevonThink

Are there any size limitations for the database on Devonthink?

I am currently looking to put my business and personal documents into Devonthink and was wondering whether the size would have limitations on the usability.

I have around 40GB of documents (projects, customer related data etc).

Are there any best practices with the current version of Devonthink? I.e. separate databases over a certain size?


There’s no one answer to your question about database size limitations.

Practically, though, you will probably find the upper limit of a satisfactory speed of operations in a database will depend on the free RAM on your computer.

I like very quick response. On my ModBook (custom tablet MacBook) with 4 GB RAM, DEVONthink Pro databases, topically designed to result in about 30 million total words in a database, maintained quick operation in DEVONthink Pro Office 1.5.4. As the DEVONthink 2.0 databases (coming soon) have a lower footprint, I suspect I would be happy with the responsiveness of a database containing 50 million total words, or perhaps more.

Note that in DEVONthink 2.0 one can have multiple concurrently open databases and can search across open databases. Because one can open a database to Spotlight indexing, a Spotlight search can identify information in a non-open database as well, which can be opened by clicking on that search result.

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Oh ye of little faith…

Guess I’m spoiled. I like searches, See Also, etc. to happen – literally – in the blink of an eye. My topical collections fall pretty naturally into “fast-sized” databases on my Mac.

If one is willing to settle for a wait of a second or two or three, database sizes can go way up. :slight_smile: