Size of combined PDFs

Hello all,

here a feedback on combining Documents (German menu: “Vereinen”). The observation here is that this produces extraordinary large files, compared to combining the documents via acrobat directly.
I combined seven files each less than 1MB and got a file of about 80MB (!!). Even after reducing the size via acrobat Pro (reduce document size, German menu: Dokumentgröße reduzieren) the file has more than 57MB. Combining the files via acrobat results in a size of 3.8MB for all seven files combined.
This could be a fact to think of an improvement of the algorithm for combining Files.

Greetings from Germany


DEVONthink is using Mac OS X’s PDFKit framework to combine/create PDF documents but it’s unfortunately more or less a black box and therefore not possible to control the output (yet).

Hello Chrsitian,

thanks for the answer. Maybe OS X´s routines are not optimal for my (mostly) mathematical publications.