Size of "image"

One of those silly questions that I have always wanted to know the answer to butnever had the courage to ask! In 3 pane view is it possible to increase the size of the image you see in the bottom pane? For example in the image attached I would like it to be larger so that I could read some of the details. As I have a lot of similar images of certificates this would save a lot of opening up of files. Thanks and sorry if this is just too stupid a question for words!

In the View menu:

Images can be zoomed in/out with pinch gestures, or use the View menu commands for Zoom- In/Out/To Fit/To Width.

Told you it was a silly question! Any way to make a certain size a default size? Cheers

It’s been my experience that the zoom to fit and zoom to width commands are sticky (BTW, same for PDFs).

That’s it :slight_smile: Zoom to Fit works exactly how I wanted. Cheers.