Size of Inbox.dtBase2?


Running 3.9.4 on macOS Sonoma. If I locate my only database via “Show in fFinder”, the .sparseimage file has a size of 53,35 GB. DaisyDisk (space monitoring for hard drives) reveals, that the Inbox.dtBase2 file has a size of 214,9 GB.

Why is the indes so huge? Is there any way to compress those files to a reasonable file size?

No you can’t compress them. And you should read this…

I just found the issue by using Finders “Show Package Contents” on Inbox.dtBase2. In Inbox.dtBase2/Oprhans there were four copies (!) of my complete 53,35 GB database!

Can anybody explain in which situations DEVONthink would create copies there and how I can prevent that from happening?

That would be extraordinarily abnormal and the only such I report I have ever heard of.

  • Have you done database rebuilds on the Inbox recently?
    • If so, have you had them fail or shut down DEVONthink in the middle of the process?

Yes. That actually did happen. So I just deleted those orphans and they have not been recreated. Thanks for pointing me into the right direction.

One follow-up question - and I did read the document you’ve linked to: The Database Properties dialog for my database for Totals indicates: 1,4 GB used, 27,2 GB available.

However, locating the .sparseimage in Finder reveals a size of 53,35 GB.

I understand, there might be a difference of what DEVONthink sees and what’s really on the hard drive. But how can it be THIS big a difference. Or is there something else going wrong here?

Have you been doing mass removals of files from the database?

Nope. I recently switched iCloud syncing back to Dropbox syncing, since I never found iCloud syncing reliable. And: I did empty the trash. Any other hints?

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

DEVONthink doesn’t create such copies on its own, it’s not even possible to import a database into another database as long as it has a valid database extension.

What’s the extension of the copies? .sparseimage, .dtSparse or .dtBase2?