Size reduction of image after import into DTP 2.0.3

I am experiencing a big size reduction in images I drag and drop from Aperture 3.0.3. see attached image. The Aperture image is on the right and the DTP on the left. I know I can increase the viewing size in DTP by clicking the + in the magnifying glass, but the resulting image is very poor and if I bring it up to the original Aperture size it is very poor and pixelated. With some of the images I want to import this is not such a big problem, merely irritating, but when the original image is small it then becomes a major problem.

I would appreciate any help on this one please. I really do not mind if the images are imported or indexed, in fact indexing may be a better way to go but I can not work out how to index my Aperture images!


The fix is on the Aperture side, not in DTP.

The size of images dragged from Aperture depends on your settings for previews - it is the preview image that is dragged to DTP. You can increase your preview size setting. This applies to new previews. To apply to older images you need to delete the preview for that image, change the default setting, and update the preview to apply it. This will affect all new images, so the approach is a bit drastic if you only want to drag one or two images from Aperture. In any event, the dragged image will still be the preview and not the original.

The faster path to solve your problem is to export the image. You can control export settings, and get exactly the size and quality you want. Export to the the desktop or a folder and import to DTP, or export directly to the DTP inbox.

Thanks korm, this clears it up for me.I have quite a lot to import but still the export from Aperture seems the best way to go. Many thanks.