Skim as default reader


I’m a Skim / DT§ user. Although I have to admit that DTP PDF reader has been improved lastly, I’m a skim user for annotating my PDFs. It means that anytime I pick up a file for reading, I have to either “open-with --> Skim”, or double-click and then click the Edit button in DTP’s PDF reader.

Is there a way to tell DTP to use Skim when double clicking ?

I know it may seem a detail, but when I have to read tons of PDFs to search the best suited information for my papers, I don’t want to care about more than double-clicking and jump onto reading, high-lighting, …

Try a search for skim default to find related topics, e.g.:

Open PDFs in Skim with Keypress…

Yes, that’s not exactly you’re asking but similar. :slight_smile:

No, but if you’re on 10.6 you can give it a keyboard shortcut easily.

Apple > System Preferences > Keyboard > Application Shortcuts

Add DT as an application, then Skim as the menu item, with a keyboard shortcut.

The Open With menu in the DT menu bar now has a keyboard shortcut for Skim. (The shortcut will not appear on the contextual menu version of Open With in DT, but the shortcut is nonetheless active.)

One can do this with any Open With menu item. Just be sure to spell the item correctly. :wink: