Slight gripe

When I got my trial version of DevonAgent, my first impression was that it took an incredible amount of time to launch, what with the fancy fading splash screen. Later on, I noticed the timer and finally realized that this was part of the trial period process. And, of course, when I bought the license, I found that the launch was almost instant.

So my suggestion is to let people clearly know what’s happening. Alter the splash screen slightly to include something like this: “Trial version launches slowly to give you time to think about what a great app you’re about to use.”

I never really got the value of this concept. It just made me decide to never close whatever trial app I was using, and, if I could, to find a replacement app that didn’t drive me up the wall.

Of course, I’m from the old-school. I’m used to businesses trying to entice you to buy their products, rather than entice you to associate their products with impatience, a rather irritating serenity, and a “yeah, beeyotch, who holds the cards now? Register or I’ll fade slower, mofo!” sort of smugness.

It’s like taking a car for a test drive and stopping at an intersection, and then the damn car won’t go anywhere for thirty seconds. It just makes the app the focus of whatever frustration and pent-up aggression you’ve been feeling that day.

kp: I really shouldn’t encourage you, but that was a funny post! :laughing:

kalisphoenix, we’re eager to learn about any other ideas how we could … encourage new users to register the application instead of using it forever for free :slight_smile:

I understand that, and believe me: Of all the people on the Earth, you guys are about the last ones I’d ever want ripped-off. I think DTP is one of the wisest purchases that I’ve ever made.

I don’t have any bright, fascinating ideas. I don’t think they exist, to be quite honest. Every protection scheme I’ve ever seen, with the exception of Logic Pro, has been unsuccessful. Not just software, but hardware… Xbox, iPhone, PSP, etc.

But to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever even considered buying a piece of software just because it gave me a fading splash screen. I just continue thinking about what I need to do right that minute with the app, or how much I hate fading splash screens. I think a normal splash screen without the long fade, even if it had a captcha you had to enter in order to get you to actually acknowledge that the splash screen is there instead of just automatically dismissing it, might be a better solution. At least then it’s the user causing the delay and not the app. But I dunno.

It’s not much of an issue for me, since I paid almost as soon as I opened DTP the first time :smiley:

i would prefer a honest trial-period, let’s say 30 days. that’s time enough to evaluate a software. the nasty thing is the end of that period, when the user will be kindly informed: »we got you, pal. your time is over, no chance to work with your stuff again, he he.«

wouldn’t it be nice to combine the »sharp warning« with a »ten days more« gift to decide whether one will go on with that software or not?

The problem with x number of days is when you don’t use it that often and you hit the end of that period, you’re seriously annoyed. (This happened to me numerous times.) This is why we have the y number of hours of real use.

As to the additional grace period, you can always request an extension through our website if you need it.

But in the end, whatever method we choose, you’ll always find a group of people who prefer one way or another. But I agree that instead of the prolonged splash screen, a huge message indicating the amount of time left may be “friendlier”.