Slight UX issue with PDF last page read tracking

Hi. I’m evaluating DT and DT To Go on a trial right now and am quite impressed! I was pleasantly surprised when I found that the last page read in PDFs was syncing between mac laptop and phone. But one issue I noticed on the Mac is that if you read a PDF in a dedicated window (i.e. double click it), the last page read won’t be saved if the main window is still selecting the PDF. It is like the main window, which is previewing whichever page, is overriding the update from the separate window. Things will update correctly if I:

  1. Double click to open pdf
  2. Select a different item in DT
  3. Read my pdf in the dedicated window
  4. Close the dedicated window (which seem to actually save the last page read)

IMO step #2 shouldn’t be needed.


Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the feedback. When you double click the item, is it opening in DEVONthink‘s own preview window, or Apple Preview or even other third-party software? (The answer to this question depends on your own settings, and could be relevant.)

Hi. The separate window that is opened is the DT PDF viewer/editor.

Welcome @kalafutj

Development will have to look into this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

It depends on which window/tab is closed last.