Slow Contextual Menu

Am I the only one who finds the Contextual Menu annoyingly slow? Every time I right click (control click) on a page (not a title) DT freezes for about eight seconds. If I impatiently click again (like an idiot in an elevator), the commands are lined up and the wait becomes ridiculous.

I find the Set As Title Contexual Menu quite useful. Unfortunately the CM takes forever to load . I assume this is because it is reading the entire structure for the LinkTo command.

Would it be possible to either speed up the CM or to move some of the options, like Set Title, to either a regular Menu or a key combination, thereby (i Think) avoiding the delay?


Btw, would Set Title As be a more accurate name to describe what the Set As Title CM does?

Another title-related request:

When using the Take Plain Note service to save a URL from Safari’s location field per elron’s tip the link’s item name is based on the URL.  A Capture Page on that item set the name for the new HTML item to the page title.  Could a function be added that simply sets the name of a link item to the page title?

Ideally I’d like to save several links in DT from Safari, then select them in DT sometime later, and automagically batch rename them using the new “Set Item Name From Page Title” function.

I know there’s overhead of fetching pages to look for their titles.  When using one of the weblink views page retrieval happens when renaming a single link item.  Maybe there should be a limit on the maximum number of batch renames?

Hopefully you can figure out some way to make that work since manually renaming links can be tedious.  Thanks!


which contextual menu command do you refer too? The one available for selected items or the one inside text views? DT does actually only read items of the database when necessary and this should cause almost no delay therefore on OS X 10.3.x (and you’re probably using this version as the “Link To” command shouldn’t be available under Jaguar).

Almost all delays over here are caused by the standard contextual menu items of OS X (e.g. the list of similarly spelled words) but only initially.

Or do you use any contextual menu plugins which might cause additional delays? Eight seconds is definitely way to slow.

Such a function could be added to DT Pro which will include the necessary HTML parsing and downloading functionality.

Nope on the extra plugins.

I was referring to the contextual menu that appears in 10.3 when you select several words (so there should be no spellcheck issues) in the text field of a RTF note in order to use Set As Title.

I believe the eight second delay was due to time spent reading the database’s note hierarchy for LinkTo; and this is supported by the fact that when I recently started my database anew with far fewer notes things sped up considerably. Now my database is growing again, and the menu takes about three seconds to appear.

I suspect the fact that I’ve imported whole HTML databases (Tinderbox generated files of mine or SiteSucked reference works like the Principia Cybernetica) means that there are a lot of groups/flolders (648 at the moment) in my hierachy and this slows down the read for the LinkTo submenus.

If i’m right, this may not be an issue for most users now, but it definitely will be when DT implements site-sucking and everybody starts having LOTS of folders for that menu to read and remember.

Hence my request that the Set As Title Feature be moved to a regular menu with a key combination.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the infos - I’ve just checked this (using a database containing around 700 groups) and this is probably a bug - the menus should appear with almost no delay using Mac OS X 10.3.x.

Sounds good.

A simple DT Pro script does this job now :slight_smile: