Slow response after upgrade to Yosemite

After I upgraded to Yosemite, my DT Pro seems to have slowed down. When I click on an item in a database to view it, I have to wait several seconds before it appears. I have closed all other open databases with the hope of speeding up the response time. Is there something else I can or should do to speed up the response time? Thanks.

DEVONthink has always been pretty snappy over here on 10.10.x and its predecessors. OTOH, on this machine (mid-2012 MBA with 8 GB RAM) Yosemite itself is a dog that kicks off spontaneous reboots and kernal panics with regularity, as well as hangs when waking from sleep. My standard approach to Yosemite is to regularly boot into safe mode and then back into normal mode.

Thank you.

When I reduced the size of the DT work screen from about 18" to about 12" wide, DT miraculously came back to life and shrugged off the sluggishness that it had settled into after I updated my system to Yosemite. I honestly do not know what screen size would have to do with the response time after selecting an item in a DT database, but in case someone else out there is having the same problem I had, working with a narrower screen window might be worth a try.

Although Yosemite isn’t a speed demon, DEVONthink Pro Office databases and procedures run at full speed here, unless I run out of my computer’s 16 GB RAM. When no free RAM is available, procedures will slow down.

Reducing the number of open applications, quitting and relaunching DEVONthink or a restart of the computer are some of the ways to restore free RAM. I monitor free RAM and use the Memory Purge routine in C0cktail to help maintain adequate RAM headroom.

I’ve read that some devices (iMacs?) have had display problems with Yosemite. Perhaps that’s at play here?

Yes, that could be it. Thanks.

I am having the same issue on my new iMac 5K retina (4Ghz i7 CPU, 32GB RAM).
When using Devonthink in a maximized window and/or in wide view mode, browsing PDFs is sluggish. It takes app. 2 seconds to view the selected document.
When the window size is reduced and/or wide view is switch off, the response time to browse PDFs is back to normal.
All this is not the case on my first generation 15" MacBook Pro Retina.