slow save after a document edit

If I click on a document in DT and then edit it (e.g. usually it is a highlight) and then want to save it, there is no problem in saving it but it takes a long time (many seconds, maybe up to a minute). All that happens is that the ball keeps rolling along.
Is this normal for DT, or is there something going on.
I am running a MacMini with 4 Gig of Ram and often have one or two other programs running simultaneously (usually Scrivener and Bookends).

I can live with it, but if you do a lot of reading and highlighting and saving it is a bit tedious.


Don, what type of document (PDF, RTF, etc.) and about how many pages is it? Are there graphics in the file?

If I make a highlight in a long PDF, say several hundred pages, and save – it might take a few seconds. Long enough to be noticeable. Longer if there are images in the PDF. My impression from using DEVONthink for quite a while is that document save time is about the same as when I save a similar document in an external editor.

These are usually relatively small pdfs (<20 pages; rarely >100) plus the odd rtf. They may or may not be indexed files (as opposed to files integrated within DT).
The total DT file is <7000 documents.
The speed of saving is clearly slower than saving in, say, Preview or Skim.


Indexing shouldn’t matter. If the problem is persistent and degrades your experience with DEVONthink you might open a ticket with DEVONtech support and include a zip file with one or more sample files. It is difficult to diagnose without a file. See

Hi, Don.

I have found that rebuilding the Spotlight Index has helped me with this issue in the past. It seems to have been particularly problematic with databases that I have had on USB keys and on Dropbox. Indeed, I have turned this indexing off on those databases.

I’m not saying it will solve the problem. But I’d try it anyway. The spotlight indexing options are under File->Database Properties.

Tom S.

Thanks for the idea. I will give it a try. Document saving can sometimes be really quite slow and it is frustrating.