Slow scanning with Version 1.3.4

Immediately after installing the 1.3.4 upgrade I found that scanning multi-page documents has slowed dramatically. After each page is scanned there is a considerably delay while it is recognised by IRIS.

I am scanning using a Fujitsu ScanSnap direct into Devonthink Pro.

Before the update all the pages would scan immediately and analysed after completion of the scan.

Is there some obvious setting that I need to change?

I haven’t noticed any slowdown. Perhaps that’s the result of low free RAM memory, resulting in use of slower Virtual Memory to carry out the processes.

Quitting and relaunching DT Pro Office and/or quitting other open applications should speed things up.

Bill, I have tried all these things. Rebooting the computer was the first thing I tried, and I’ve tried running DevonPro as the only application. I don’t really think it is a computer memory problem and the strange thing is that it has happened only after the upgrade. Before, with the same computer, same memory, I was getting the usual rapid one-after-the-other scans. The bottleneck seems to be in the character recognition and, if I turned this off, I am sure the scanning would be rapid (I will try…). I will persevere and see if I can tweak things to work faster.