Small-biz owner usage scenario

Hello all,

We have started a business last year, and part of bringing it up into operation requires multitasking between various roles.

For my part, I am involved in Sales/Marketing/Purchasing/IT and Technical Development (not software, but medical devices). Each role has its own sets of document workflow (some local files, some email only, some on a server only, some within VMWare/XP…).

While juggling during the day, I must say that having to remember where and how the files should be saved (sometime plain .pdf, .pdf with a watermark, encrypted .pdf, sometime not in the original document folder…) is excrutiating.

I was wondering if any flavor of DevonThink could help me structure these workflows, by say systematically constraining the input locations, output locations and output file type.

I am not sure this has any sense at all - this has been a loooong week, but I would appreciate any feedback on the topic.

I have always seen DevonThink as an multimodal information agregator - I want to ensure that I have not missed on any of its many usage possibilities.