Small bug w/Automator Action "Set Current Group"

Hi –

I’ve been “going to town” with the “Capture Safari Page” Automator Action. I really hope that more automator actions are added to DT Pro! So very useful.

Anyway, there seems to be a small bug with the “Set Current Group” Action.
The Group Outline panel that appears is resizable horizontally but not vertically. I have a HUGE outline and would like to see it!
The default action(the blue button) “Continue” Does not respond to hitting the return key. it always requires a mouse click.
There doesn’t seem to be any way to create a group (or deselect all, which is the condition necessary to create a group).

And finally a couple of feature suggestions:
It would be great if it was possible to set the state of the outline of groups. Say fully or partially expanded.
Also an automator to save directly as a web archive and lock it would be grreat.

I’m really figuring out how to use DTPro in my work. Of course I have suggestions for improvement, but I really feel that finally somebody is going in the right direction!


Hi Ward,

I’m happy to hear that you like our Automator actions. Now this is a technology that is still maturing at Apple, so there are issues. I don’t know why you can’t resize vertically because our code allows you to do it. It seems that Automator limits the vertical size.

Instead of the return key try to use the enter key, that should work. Again, this seems to be something related to Apple as well. I can’t test this since I have a Sun 5 keyboard (no enter key and the control key where Richard Stallman meant it to be for emacs freaks).

In version 1.0.1 of this action I made it open at least the top level of the outline. I also resized the area, so it should look a bit better. Based on your suggestions, I’ve added a contextual menu that adds some conveniences. :slight_smile:

As far as your web archive request goes: the upcoming version of DEVONagent will have this and much more. Locking an imported record would be a matter of applying the “Set Attributes” action on the resulting records of the import. Safari is a difficult animal because with the current version you can’t script exporting a web archive.

I really appreciate your feedback and you may want to request to be on the beta group so you can have a chance to work with the updated actions. Keep your suggestions coming!

It sounds like great things are happening! yeah, beta testing would be great.

btw, for some reason, the enter key isn’t working. maybe because I’m on a powerbook?


I realised I could use the one on my PowerBook too and it didn’t work… I think it’s a shortcoming in Apple’s implementation because there is no official way I can determine what else is in that window.

ok, this is interesting:
Both the Return and enter key work on my powerbook if no group is selected and a new group is created.(yes i figured out how to do it).
It just doesn’t respond to the outline for some reason.