small floating text windows

Started to post this under the Sidenote discussion, but thought it was becoming its own thread. One thing I liked about StickyBrain was the ease of having a tiny note floating in a corner of the screen, for me to refer to or add to as I did my work in another app. Having migrated to DT Pro, I’d love to be able to make an individual note window float, but even as it is, these windows are too darn big. The window won’t allow itself to get smaller than 400px square, and the amount of real estate for the two buttons at the bottom seems a bit excessive. So my request is twofold – reduce amount of window chrome, and allow individual windows to float.

Thanks for listening.[/img]

The Sidenote discussion (for other readers) is at That thread includes posts about using a floating DEVONnote window for notetaking in any application.

A number of users have indicated that they would defend to the death the real estate at the bottom of DT Pro windows. Writers like the running word count, and many find the See Also and Classify buttons very convenient. :slight_smile:

The answer seems to be, “No.”

OK, I take back the “thanks for listening” part. :wink:

Not really. Take another look at the Sidenote thread. :slight_smile:

Hey, don’t jump the gun. They are listening! Check out the thread Bill mentioned. I have been requesting this floating window feature for quite some time myself, and Christian indicated in the Sidenote thread that with version 2.0 the possibility exists for exactly what you are asking for. I’m not sure about the reduction in ‘window chrome,’ but the simplified floating window does seem to be something the developers are taking serioiusly.

I’d like to have this feature by tonight! But I’ve learned patience in my old age. :slight_smile: Until then I will limp along with my own solution.

Btw, I’m really glad other people want this feature so badly. It’s so incredibly useful to have the floating window to work with, both for collecting information from different sources and for writing down my own thoughts while I do my research. It will be great to have this working in DT directly.


Just out of curiosity, what is the problem with the DEVONjot Pro widget in relation to this thread? It will be floating with the press of the F12 button. The notes you enter in it will end up in precisely in the group you want, you could even use multiple ones for different groups.

Ok, you need to have Tiger for it, and you’ll need to click in the upper left corner of its window. But besides this, what don’t you all like about this solution?

Hi, annard. What I’m talking about is something that is always there (don’t have to press a button to get to it), since I use it to take sometimes copius notes directly from something I’m looking at—something on the web, in another DT file, a Word file, could be from a lot of places. I do this as I’m developing chapter or ideas for chapters or articles, whatever, and it is ongoing and continual as I move around and work. It’s quite cumbersome to have to click to see it, then go back to the material, etc.

Also, I use this floating window to collect data from all different kinds of sources into an on-the-fly collection of related information. What I’m talking about is way more than what can be accommodated in the widget. And it needs to be sitting there, always present, as I move around. It works great for me to have this feature—in fact I can’t really imagine working with out it. The widget is fine for little ‘jots’—which fits its name.

Hope this clarifies.


Combination of open DTP window in various configurations, JOT and Sidenote have worked well for managing my research, projects, presentations and random notes. Being able to sync the Sidenote folder w/ DTP works very well even when DTP isn’t open.

Sounds like the future holds better solutions but for now this works well. The developers seem to make an almost infinite number of ways for us to get our “stuff” into the database… we always want one more! Sidenote is freeware (thanks!)… With DTP sync feature it acts like a part of DTP… and… I don’t have the work or memory demands of opening and maintaining other applications performing these “yomen” duties. This leaves room for using DA, word processing and presentation applications which are far more important.


This is why I like it. I use it for little lists and clippings that I need just then, but sometimes they grow and I want to work with them in DT Pro as well. Sidenote is always there, and DT Pro takes time to launch if it isn’t running. It isn’t a replacement, just an enhancement.


Just downloaded Sidenote. Definitely a nice replacement for stickies, and being able to sync with DT is a definite plus. I agree it’s not a replacement for the floating windows Dt feature we are discussing—I need something more robust for more extensive note-taking and info gathering. But it’s a nice addition to the workflow.