Small Fonts

This is my first post, greeting to everybody…

Whenever I try to print a document from within DT Pro the fonts on the paper are very very small (to hard to read without my glasses :cry: :cry: )
If I try to increase their size the result is lost words because they are out of the printable area of the paper…

Any suggestions :question: :question: :question:


Reduce the size of the document window before printing. You will probably find that a window width of 5.5 to 5 inches will produce better results.

Improved printing, with an approach similar to the ‘Wrap to Page’ option of TextEdit, will show up in a future release.

Not sure if this responds adequately to your question, but I usually open a file with Textedit to print if I encounter problems (easy to do with the contextual menu/menu option to Open With or the Open with External application button). It also gives me more flexibility, the ability to number pages if needed, etc. It’s pretty quick and easy, though an extra step that is true. Glad to hear this will be improved in future releases.