Small function "Search With Google Scholar" that may be helpful for researchers using DT

One year ago I searched through the web (can’t recall where I found it) and was able to add a contextual menu item for Search with “Google Scholar” by using the automator. When I come through a reference while reading articles in DT, I just need to select the reference and right-click to direct search in Google Scholar. I think adding this submenu (you can just create a workflow yourself) will be quite useful for those DT users who needs to search Journal articles regularly via Google Scholar. I personal use this function almost everyday. (Don’t ask me about the Shell Script as I have no idea…!)


Good stuff. I use popclip in a similar way.

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I just tried using popclip according to ur suggestion and it is very handy!

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This might also be of interest…

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I just found that the highlight extension of popclip doesn’t work in 3.0 Beta and have sent a note to popclip.