Small iPhone Storage, large databases -how does that work?

I am an avid user of DEVONthink Pro who has just bought an iPhone.

So DTTG seems interesting.

But there’s a question I can’t seem to work out without purchasing -

My databases are bigger than my iPhone. Bit of an hyperbole, given you can chose what to sync, but the principle remains - will this swamp my iPhone or is there some clever way that it only downloads headers and then the actual documents on demand?

My understanding is that is very straightforward. You add (or duplicate/replicate) what you want to sync into the “Mobile Sync” group in DT on the desktop, and those documents, in full, are synced to your mobile device running DTTG. So, if your documents in the Mobile Sync group take up 500MB of space on your desktop, they’ll take up 500MB of space on your iPhone.

Agh, thanks, that’s clear enough.

I think I shall only want to replicate the notebook part what I have in the database and have the ability to capture things from my phone.

Humm… expensive app for that.

I’ve seen a few reviews that make the same comment.

Perhaps modelling the different use-cases could yield different levels of functionality and price point.