Small Issue

I purchased the upgrade to DT2Pro and don’t regret it – having access to multiple data bases now with just a quick click is wonderful.

But there is one little feature that doesn’t appear to have been carried over: In DTPro 1.x, after you typed in a title for a new text file, I would hit the ‘tab’ key three times and the cursor would appear in the body of the text. In DT2Pro that no longer happens. Now, every time you hit the ‘tab’ key everything just seems to toggle around back and forth in the title bar going nowhere.

I know this is a very minor issue, but I really liked not having to reach for the mouse and clicking in the body of the text file to place the cursor there.

Is there an alternative keyboard shortcut for this now that the ‘tab’ way no longer works?


Manual. Page 14.

(Slap on the back of my head) – Doh!

Ah, the manual. I think some of us tend to forget that we need to: READ THE MANUAL!

Thanks for this, though!