Small Print in Html

Is there any way to increase the HTML font size in imported pages? It’s almost unreadably small for me, several sizes smaller than the same page in Safari.

Also, are there plans to allow one to open a url via services directly in Devonthink, as one can in Devonagent? Right now I’m opening in DA then hitting the save in DT button, an unecessary extra step.

DEVONthink uses the default WebKit settings to display HTML pages but you could either try the "Zoom In/Out" commands or delete the preferences (com.devon-technologies.think.plist).

Version 1.8 will provide a contextual menu plugin and therefore it will be possible to grab HTML pages from browses too.

Thanks, that did the trick.

Can you briefly describe what functionality that CM plugin will provide?  That may help me decide whether to wait for it or try adding some CM capability using OnMyCommandCM.  Thanks.

This plugin will be similar to the contextual menu commands inside DEVONthink’s HTML view - e.g. capture pages (HTML) or notes (RTF/RTFD) including title and URL.

Sounds good. Including the URL and title will probably make the CM more useful than the Take Rich Note service. Will there be a Take Plain Note equivalent in the CM, too? And a way to select which DT group to save in, like New With Clipboard via the Dock menu? Using the clipboard import functionality from a CM would be more convenient to access than from the Dock.

There will be a command similar to “Take Plain Note” but I can’t promise a selection of the group at the moment (maybe in a later release?).

Thanks Shireen.  The group selection may turn out not be a big deal for me.  I’m going to experiment with just adding items “anywhere” into DT and think about titles, groups, classifying later.  Well, at least until I come up with a better long-term group hierarchy…