Small regression in text formatting flow in DevonThink 3.0 [fixed!]

Hi all,

First off, downloaded the third beta of DevonThink Pro and loving it. Great look, a lot of improvements, and will only get easier to recommend it for others to use.

There is one regression that I wanted to point out though:

Some notes/docs that I write include a mix of “regular” and “fixed width” fonts, and earlier I had a keyboard shortcut that would trigger the Mono font style for a selected piece of text.

I can still see this style if I go through Format->Style->Styles…, but somehow it isn’t part of the menu, so it can’t be triggered via a keyboard shortcut, which means there’s no quick-n-easy way to change the font for a selected piece of text anymore.

Am I missing something obvious here? Is there a workaround for this?


No workaround is needed.

You need to show the popup menu in the Format Bar to register the shortcut (and this is a macOS issue, not a DEVONthink “regression”). This is also true of the Services menu.

Ah yes, that works now … thanks for the clarification!

(I see my confusion now: I was used to seeing this near the ‘ruler’ area earlier and was wondering where this bar went)