Small UI improvement

I find the “Used databases” entry in the left sidebar a bit difficult

Everything here is consistent with the other parts of the sidebar. Which doesn’t mean that it is good. I suggest to at least make the right pointing whatever always visible to indicate that there’s something that might be opened/closed (and where to click). Discoverability!
And perhaps just put the headings in black – they are smaller already, but dark gray on light gray is more difficult to recognize than I’d like it to be (that may be age-related, though).

Thanks for the feedback! Actually the sidebar’s handling & appearance of sections is consistent to other apps, e.g. Mail or Finder.

True. But that doesn’t make it necessarily good :wink: Apple’s UI is, in my opinion, not the outstanding example it once was. Discoverability seems no longer to be a central concept for them.

Although that might be true, it’s definitely good to have consistency which especially cross-platform apps (e.g. 3D printing) are usually lacking.