smart folder export


I’ve created several smart groups in which I see the pdf document corresponding to my selection criteria.
All the documents (PDFs’ files) are indexed documents in my DBs.
The question for me is is it possible to export the smart group content as a list of document which then I can compare with another list coming from Bookends?
My aim is to sync DTP and Bookends (in which I have also smart groups) so once I’ll found missing documents in Bookends I’ll like to complete it.
Perhaps there is another way to do this sync but I don’t found it yet so if you have any idea to realize this thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Data->Table of contents will produce a neatly formatted html hyperlinked list of documents.

Scripts Menu->Export->Listing will produce a text file

Scripts Menu->Export->Customizable Metadata Export will produce a csv list of the selected files and their metadata.


Hello Frederiko

I tried your proposal but none worked as expected
For the table of contents I tried after having selected several document I did Data then create table of contents but I got nothing in return or I don’t know where the expected URL gone
For the text file created actually I got the list of documents I have into the database not the documents of the smart group I would to “sync” with Bookends
For the last option I was unable to install the script Export Metadata hence several attempts on DTP

When you create a table of contents document while viewing a smart group, that table of contents document isn’t going to appear in that smart group (unless it matches the criteria for the group).

Experimenting with the method proposed by Frederiko, the Table of Contents document was always created in the global inbox (the smart group I was playing with contains files from a different database entirely). The smart group I was experimenting with uses criteria based on a certain set of tags, so wouldn’t capture the TOC file which, when created, has no tags.

A TOC is composed of links to selected files. Simply viewing s art group (or any list of documents) and asking it to create a TOC won’t necessarily work. You must view the smart group, select ALL (or the desired) files (e.d., ⌘-a) and then ask for a TOC file.

If I understand your need correctly, the TOC document should fit your needs exactly. It will look like this:

If you aren’t sure where the TOC files is being created, try searching (⌘-Shift-F) for a file named “Table of Contents”.

thanks Scouttlougheed

Indeed I found my TOC I created on the selection of all doc in my smart folder into the global inbox and it looks as you mentioned
this is quite good even if I would have preferred to have the file name without the file extension at the end of the naming
Perhaps but don’t know how now it will be better if I could install the export metadata script

The names in the TOC will reflect how they appear in the DTPO interface. If you’d like you can just remove the file extensions from the names and they won’t appear in the TOC.

There is a setting in Preferences>Import>Titles called “Filenames Without Extension” which will leave out the extension for any newly added files. This won’t affect files already added to DTPO.