smart folder for emails with attachments


I want to define a smart folder which shows all emails with DOC, XLS or PDF files as attachments within the whole database.

But I do not find an approach to achieve it.

Any hints?

Thanks in advance for your support!

Kind regards, Friedrich

This is current impossible, attachments are not yet indexed. The only workaround is probably to add the attachments on their own to the database.

Hm. My problem is: I’ve inherited a DTPO database which contains i.a. thousands of emails. My job is to extract all the attached files.

Can I export all of the emails? Should I export them as UNIX mailbox? And can I then reimport them as messages with the attachments in separated folders?

One possibility would indeed be to export all messages as a Unix mailbox, to import this mailbox into Apple Mail and to use the script “Add message(s) and attachments to DEVONthink” (see scripts menu extra) afterwards.

Hmm. Sounds like there is one more or even better possibility, doesn’t it?

There are almost always multiple possibilities but that’s probably the easiest one :slight_smile: The second one coming to my mind would be to convert all emails to rich text and to write a script that scans the RTFD packages for attachments and imports the found attachments. Doesn’t sound that easy, IMHO.