Smart Folder for Selected Dates

Is there a way to specify rules to capture only items with a selected date in a smart folder?

The general idea being that if you wanted to build a journal, then all the documents for one year might go in a group and each month would be shown in a smart folder. This would require perhaps that the rules would need to specify the month and the year.

I looked but can’t see a way to accomplish this.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

This could be done in various ways.

For example, using tags, you could create hierarchical tag groups for each year. For this year, the top level tag would be Journal 2013, and that tag group would contain 12 subgroups by month, e.g., Journal 2013 01, Journal 2013 02, etc.

Using the Advanced button in the full Search window, you can set up appropriate criteria for smart groups. Or switch to the Tags View to see all the journal items for a year, or for any given month, by clicking on the appropriate tag in the right column.

Hi Bill:

Thanks for your response.

My apologies I wasn’t clear in my question.

What I’m looking for is a solution that utilizes the meta data that is inherently attached to a document, as opposed to having to tag the document (which is what I’m using at the moment.)

The benefits I see in utilizing existing data are

  1. The system doesn’t rely on my memory to make it work (big benefit :slight_smile: )
  2. Simplified work flow.