Smart Folder Issue in DT2b2

As a first time user, I seek the group’s help on an issue.

I’m using DT2b2 to archive email. I want to have a Smart Group that shows just my purchase receipts from

The Smart Group was set up for “All of the following are true”:

  1. Name matches receipt
  2. URL matches

The result is not what I expect - all email from shows up, regardless if the Name field containing the word receipt.

I experimented with the Any vs All designation using fields other than Name and it seems to be working. For example I searched for the URL containing and word length of less than 100 and it works.

Ironically, searching for the Name field containing the word receipt works by itself, although this doesn’t filter for receipts just from

I am obviously missing something - your assistance would be appreciated.

No, you’re not missing anything - it’s just a bug. The next public beta will fix this.