Smart folders and current note focus (with tabs)


I’m trying out smart folders. like documents in the last week. when I have several docs open, and lets say I navigate through my smart folder in some tab1, if I select a note that is already open in a different tab2, focus changes to that tab. When I continue to scroll and navigate, the other tab2 changes documents when that wasn’t my intention. I wanted to stay in tab1 :slight_smile:

btw, maybe smart folders could have more criteria (like itunes or finder?). like i was hoping for last 7 days instead of last week.


DEVONthink tries to avoid opening the same document in multiple tabs, e.g. because it might be modified in another tab.

Hi Christian,

I understand. Though it causes a lot of issues for me. :slight_smile: Since focus may be in the note list and as I scroll, when focus changes to another tab and then continue to scroll to another note, that note appears in a different tab and replaces a document I wished to keep open. Maybe instead of switching to the other tab, the note window contents could say this doc is open in another tab (like Safari would say 404 or whatever).